Monday, October 22, 2012

Lauren Conrad Covers Allure and Promotes Her Beauty Book

 So, I'm pretty sure I've stated this before, but, Lauren Conrad is my idol. Legit, idol. Everything she represents is just everything that I find inspiration in. She's completely girly and doesn't let the fame change her. Lauren is currently promoting her new book, a beauty guide called- Beauty. As part of the promo the beautiful California native covers in the November 2012 issue of Allure Magazine. Modeling a 3.1 Phillip Lim bikini top and a Christian Dior skirt in her first snapshot.

We were all shocked ( or some of us were, others were extremely devastated) when we watched the last episode of The Hills. As Kristin Cavallari pulled away, off to Europe to "find" herself, pal and former flame Brody Jenner stood on an empty LA street to watch her go. It was a bittersweet, emotional moment. But then the backdrop rolled away, the cameras panned out and we saw that Jenner was now standing on a Hollywood lot, surrounded by crews and that Cavallari's car was parked just a few feet away. She got out, they hugged and that was that. Kristen ad recently shared that The Hills was intact, Not Real. Imagine my disgust! It was only fitting for Lauren Conrad, Former Hills star, to shed light on it as well. In her recent interview she revealed some of the story lines were in fact, exaggeratedBut not at all "fake". 

"Brody and I did date. It was really brief. There was definitely editing to drag it out"

 The 26-year-old released her book on Tuesday, and is now on her fashionable, book tour. While her new book is dedicated to sharing her beauty secrets, the sexy star exhibits many of them in her pictorial for the new issue of the magazine.

"I think there's something to be said about someone who is beautiful but isn't aware of it," The reality star-turned-author says. "There's something really beautiful about being humble."

Lauren's book tour has taken her to the east coast, top to bottom, over the last few days. Stopping at New York, Philly and Maimi. But Lauren's not done yet, she has four more book signing stops. The Cayman Islands, Georgia, and two in California wrapping up this tour on tuesday October 23rd.mIf your like me and follow Ms. Conrad religiously, you'd already have seen her cute, yet goofy, Instagram photos, Like this one below!


Above are some photos of Lauren Conrad's fashion moments thus far on her tour. 

 "I didn't want it to sound like a manual. I wanted it to sound like a friend or a big sister explaining it to you," she says.

 Lauren's "go-to guide for all things beauty" is now on sale so go pick yourself up a copy! I know I will. So what do you guys think about her latest Allure Magazine Cover? Are you excited about her new book release? Her first few outfits were quite girly, lets see how the rest of the tour plays out!

ps. Have we all heard this news about her boyfriend ring shopping?? They've only been together for like 8 months! Way too soon if you ask me! Let's see what happens! Either way I'd be extremely excited for her! (And I'd love to see her wedding gown!!)

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