Monday, October 29, 2012


Well well well... This is a bit strange.. Last year it snows on halloween, and this year.. we're in a hurricane! Should we all be worried about out weather conditions? Anyways- I hope everyone is staying safe indoors this week! Hurricane Sandy seems to be powerful so I hope everyone is following the safety precautions... Which means... READ MY BLOG!!!! Perfect thing to do on a rainy, windy, day.
So although Sandy did ruin part of my weekend.. The first few days were a success. I was supposed to come back mid day today but unfortunately my flight got cancelled and the only available option was to come back yesterday at 2 :( Lost a lot of time with my boyfriend in buffalo!
So friday night when I landed I had about 45 minutes to get ready for a halloween party.. Me being me, knew that wasn't enough time to curl my hair so I did right before I left to find out it was rainy in Buffalo. SHUCKS! I know.....
I wanted to share a few pictures from that night! Hope you enjoy! :) What was everyone for the halloween weekend?? Hope everyone had an amazing time !

We decided to bring back the '20s as a flapper&gangster :) What do you guys think of out costume?
Then the following day we were supposed to go pumpkin picking! But it was raining so much that we couldnt go and ended up going to a haunted house.. By the way, If you are ever in Buffalo you must go to this haunted house if you like being scared to death. Its ranked number one in America for a reason. SCARIEST THING IVE EVER EXPERIENCED! We ran out after the second (out of five) house!! Ahhhhh still bringing me nightmares...


  1. I hope u had an amazing night, it looks fun! X

  2. loving your halloween cute:)

    Molly and MacKenzie

  3. you are so right! although this hurricane sucks, it's a perfect opportunity to blog!! love your halloween costume

    xo Diana

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