Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kim K Wedding Number 3?

Kim Kardashian Models Wedding Dresses in Tatler Magazine! No, No it's not what you think. Or is it? 31-year-old Kim K models a selection of bridal gowns in the November issue of Tatler, which was a little questionable at first. However, Deep Kailey, Tatler's Fashion Director, states the overall concept of the shoot was actually "1950's debutantes". Later Deep states:

"The concept was Tatler debutante. I really wanted her to look completely different, so when we were planning the shoot, we went through Tatler's archives and spoke to former debutantes to make sure we got it exactly right. [Kim] was a lovely person and not diva-ish at all. She was very receptive to our ideas and polite. She even ordered in her own salad for lunch!"
So I guess thats that....There's 'no' wedding in the works (yet). But if Kanye West was about to propose... Kim sure has found her new gown. Perfect inspiration

Kim Models a Bruce Oldfield gown in the First Image and a David Fielden Design in the second. The full editorial and accompanying interview can be found in Tatler's Novemeber 2012 Issue, on stands now! Go pick yourself up a copy.

So what do you guys think? Kim K getting ready for her 3rd wedding? Think Kanye West is ready to wed? Let me know what you think below!! Comment!


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