Monday, February 28, 2011

Trends | The Mono Suit

Latest Trend hitting the streets, The Mono-Suit. Starting off in, of course, black, white and navy. Who knows what colors will come next... Who likes this trend? I know I'm loving it! It looks so chic and flattering! 


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Style Spotlight: Camilla Belle

I can’t take my eyes off of her. I want to know what she’s wearing, which fabulous shoes she's in, how she’s styling her hair & what lip color she’s currently wearing!
Maybe it’s her bold, perfectly sculpted eyebrows? Or her flawless complexion? Mostly - it’s her ability to be a classic beauty in an industry that loves bodacious, eccentric, over-the-top female stars.  
Belle’s look jumps off a magazine page and it’s not because she’s flaunting cleavage or three-tone hair color. I appreciate her bombshell beauty. Effortless. Flawless.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sheer Genius

 Gucci,  Fall 2011  Milan Fashion Week, showed signs of the 1970’s influence as well as vivid colors that we've been loving for fall. Gucci sent models down the runway in culottes, long hemlines with long slits, wide leg trouser pants, an occasional bow at the neckline, pencil skirts and vivid colors mixed with traditional basic black, brown and white. What stood out most to me was the sheer genius skirt look. It truly is sheer genius! Theres such sophistication on the runway as each model has their hair slicked in a tight pony tail and red lips. I had the opportunity to intern for a gucci store in my town and I must say, learning and seeing the pieces in the store made my heart melt. I wanted to walk out with every item! Gucci is one of my favorite designers and i'm looking forward to attending some future shows!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Models Off Duty

Off duty? Maybe off the runway but damn do these girls still look amazing just casually walking around the streets. No makeup, torn shirts and pants, these women still know how to look beautiful without even trying. Typically an average woman wouldn't be able to just roll out of bed and look like superstars the way these models do. Which they do! Shouldn't off duty mean not trying so hard? As in sweats, headband, and maybe some baggy shirts... well maybe someone should tell some of these "off duty" models to stop being such glamourous superstars!! They're makin' the rest of us look bad : X

Love Nude

It's all about the neutrals this season! Not sure if I'm totally digging this look yet. I mean I know every time I try to pull off a neutral color dress or shirt I always manage to look pale.I'm all for bronzer but let's be real, it eventually wears off by the end of the night, then I'm back to being pale. Some people can really pull of this look though. If you're interested...go to and check out some of their nude base toned shoes and dresses. 

London Fashion Week | Street Style

Wrap it up, Turban Style

A reminiscence of the 70s, turbans are without a doubt a type offashion accessory that cannot go unnoticed, offering you the opportunity step out of your comfort zone and to try something a little different from what you might be used to.

While this type of headwear has been in and out of fashion for some time now, for the following season, collections like Issa, Andrew Gn, Jason Wu or Giorgio Armani offer a variety of interesting options that are simply too interesting to be neglected. 

Being versatile and interesting this type of accessory offers you the chance to make a unique fashion statement, adding a vintage allure to any outfit. 

Have you ever thought about a turban being a fashion statement?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Style Spotlight: Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen...Where to begin? Growing up with the most famous twins in America, never did I think that these two, who began their fame on Full House, would mature into such fashion trendsetters. They're style has transformed multiple times from T-shirt Casual to Grunge-rocker. I've definitely kept an eye on these twins style since 2002 and looked to them for fashion advice. They have inspired thousands of girls around the world and will continue to inspire me as well.