Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spring 2012 Trend Love: Floral

| Floral Jeans: DOS AND DON'TS
Everyone knows certain pieces just don't work for their body... Well thats the Floral Denim for me...Love the look, adore the trend.. but on me... maybe not so much. Although my Five-Foot body may not look cute in these jeans, Celebs like Shay Mitchell and Katie Holmes sure pull them off. The print may be a little 80's but who cares? Everyone knows fashion is a complete circle...reusing past fashions. So fun and oh so Feminine- Perfect for the spring!

Floral Denim jeans are not the only florals this spring...Floral Short shorts, Floral pants, Floral capris, Floral jumpsuits etc. So, this season Don't be afraid to go full-bloom! Perfect way to mix edge with feminine for a fresh fashionable look.

...On the other hand...

Floral Blazers are just what I need inside my closet right now! The youthful, colorful blazer is definitely on my shopping list. I'm in LOVE! Emily and Jules are two perfect examples of how to get a fun, Day&night look.
So here I am searching through photos trying to see perfect ways to wear floral prints... inspiration of course... but then, I see horrible outfits that completely destroy this trend. Below I've put together some pictures of ways to AVOID looking like a total disaster. 

DON'T: Add bulky man-shoes with a shortened silhouette.
DON'T: Let your print disappear under heavy sweaters and similar colors.
DON'T: Add a thick, baggy trench coat to a light print simple print. Tighten up those pieces!
DON'T: double up on neon with floral ANYTHING.

If dressed properly, this trend could rock the streets.


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