Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Again | I'm Back!

Going backwards...Sorry for my absence... Worst blogger ever?I've been a little preoccupied the past couple of months.... ahhhSORRY!
Time sure does fly.

|As I've said BEFORE, UCD is about to transform. Stretched&Twisted.|


New and Improved, Ultimate Chic Diary

To start off my new blog, I thought it'd dedicate a post to all the great spring trends I've been seeing lately. First off, I'd like to mention that spring is absolutely my most FAVORITE season ever! Some may prefer the scorching heat of summer or the harsh coldness of winter... but for me, well, I'm a spring gal. 

  • Floral Blazers
  • Pastels 
  • Oranges and Tangerines 
  • Futuristic Prints
  • Suit Shorts

I'm so excited to start posting again~This time around I'll make sure to make the time for my lovely followers~XO,S

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