Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring’s Hottest Hairstyles for Curly Girls


It can be a pain when every new hair trend seems to require curly-haired girls to pull out the straightening iron and blow dryer.
But don’t worry—it’s time to put those hot tools down, because this season’s ushering in four hot new hairstyles that require curls!

A deep side part (hair barrette optional) is a polished look. Although this hairstyle is shown with volume only on the sides, which you can easily get by sleeping with damp hair in a tight ponytail, it would look just as lovely with entirely curly hair.
For girls with already short hair (or looking to go shorter for spring) a cute ’30s style bob is a fashionable option. This wash-and-go style is great for the girl on the go.
For an edgier look the ruffled up-do is right on trend.  Simply crop the sides and back of the hair short and keep it long on the top and front. If you’re not ready for the chop, fake it with long hair by twisting the back into a french twist, bobby pinning the “tail” forward, and smoothing the sides down with a dab of gel.
Or for the truly adventurous (or truly time pressed) go big with Marc Jacobs frizzy styles. Simply brush through curls and pin the hair back behind your ears or smooth back with some hair gel.

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