Sunday, August 19, 2012



  • DON'T INGORE HIM: It gets you nowhere! Eventually he'll just give up!
  • LOOK SEXY; BUT NOT TOO SEXY: Guys notice when girls try too hard. If you dress nice to impress it's okay, but when you dress too get needy attention...well, thats not okay.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: Be yourself! Talk about real things and how you feel, but don't rush into anything because of what someone else says or because society thinks it's the norm.
  • FORGET THE WORK TALK:Leave work for work! If you talk too much about work you might make him feel that your more interested in his job than who he is.
  • EASE UP ON THE TEASING:Sometimes making fun of a guy lowers his self confidence and make him think like you don't like him.
  • MAKE THE FIRST MOVE: Theres nothing wrong with making the first move, so why don't you!Go up and talk to him, there is nothing wrong with that. Then your problems will be solved.
  • DON'T FLIRT WITH OTHER GUYS: This one is probably the most important one! DO NOT FLIRT WITH OTHER MEN! Under no circumstance! If you truly like a guy, he'll never know if every time your out you flirt with a different dude.
  • CUT HIM SOME SLACK WHEN NEEDED: We all know men mess up. They are just human. Throw him a bone every once in awhile he'll know you really care.
  • SUGGEST A CASUAL DATE: When it comes to dating some guys can be nervous... Theres no reason you can't be the one to step it up and ask him out. He'll obviously get the hint your into him. Whether its Monopoly or bungie jumping ask if you could do it together.
  • DIG DEEPER:Try to get to know him more. Ask some personal questions, it'll show your interested in his life!



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