Friday, July 20, 2012

Yellow Delights

Color Moment: YELLOW

So, I wore yellow to my junior prom oh so many years ago, but I sure did not look like any of these fabulous women above. I thought I basically looked like a sunflower, with my long brown hair and pale complexion. Anyways- I have to say, although yellow is not my color, it does capture silhouettes beauty. 
Above Left to right:
Heidi Klum, Rashida Jones, Kim Kardashian,Camilla belle
Julia Kurbatova, Charlize Theron, Maria Menounos, Elizabeth Olsen, Mireille Enos
Elizabeth Banks, Minka Kelly, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Hudson

What do you guys think of this color trend? Let me know!


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  1. Yellow is so fresh and perfect for summer :) love those dresses :)


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