Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pucker Up Ladies

The Red Lip is timeless. Whether you're trying to be natural, classy, or sexy the red lip can be done. As seen above. I've tried numerous times to do it and i think i have finally succeeded thanks to the instructions below! thanks beauty department! 

  • toothbrush or disposable mascara wand
  • lip balm
  • nude lip liner
  • red lipstick
  • eye shadow blending brush
  • translucent loose powder
  • lip brush

  1. Using a toothbrush or disposable mascara wand and lip balm, remove any dead skin by gently scrubbing in circular motions.
  2. Outline the perimeter with a nude liner to prevent feathering.
  3. Apply red lipstick directly from the tube.
  4. Using an eyeshadow blending brush and translucent loose powder, powder your lips to really set the color.
  5. Apply a second coat with a lip brush to smooth edges and perfect lines.

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