Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lets ask this first question... What if sexy lingerie could be worn as outerwear? 

Sexy lingerie? Outerwear? Same pieces? Apparently sisters Kara and Brit Smith created a brand where this is all possible. Brit fell in love with lingerie while living in Paris; Kara had a habit of staying out late and falling asleep in her clothes. Naturally, they saw the possibility in mixing these two elements together. It was this unorthodox combination that led to the creation of their cohesive label, ELKIN. 
"ELKIN allows you to play dress up in your real world, role-play subtly, and create a new character every season. Each piece is designed to be layered or worn alone, and the dual functionality of the pieces encourage you to experiment with your style both openly and behind closed doors...making it so that one is always a chameleon both in and out of the bedroom. ELKIN makes you feel as though you're walking down the street with a secret... stripping away one layer takes you from day to night."
"It all started as lingerie and it just evolved. Brit loves lingerie… she’s lived in Paris; she loves it; she collects it; she loves sex; she loves kinky shit. On my end, I used to get wasted and fall asleep in my clothes every night, so we kind of just eventually combined the two. Our line consists of pieces you could consider as lingerie statement pieces – technically lingerie and intimates – but also stuff that I could wear out and be ok falling asleep in at the end of the night."

According to these amazing sisters, the typical girl who would be wearing this collection would be a skinny hot girl who enjoys getting naked and smoking ciggs. This collection is available at



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