Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sheer Genius

 Gucci,  Fall 2011  Milan Fashion Week, showed signs of the 1970’s influence as well as vivid colors that we've been loving for fall. Gucci sent models down the runway in culottes, long hemlines with long slits, wide leg trouser pants, an occasional bow at the neckline, pencil skirts and vivid colors mixed with traditional basic black, brown and white. What stood out most to me was the sheer genius skirt look. It truly is sheer genius! Theres such sophistication on the runway as each model has their hair slicked in a tight pony tail and red lips. I had the opportunity to intern for a gucci store in my town and I must say, learning and seeing the pieces in the store made my heart melt. I wanted to walk out with every item! Gucci is one of my favorite designers and i'm looking forward to attending some future shows!

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